New Collections!

To add some colour to your day, head to to check out two new collections inspired by my travels to India and Japan. Here is a sneak preview of what you’ll find…

India collage



Illustration fun Part 2!

Here is a little addition to the illustration project I’ve been working on.

Pencil on paper (but with added effect in Pixlr).

tite fille

Illustration fun

I am currently working on the illustrations for a children’s book on city foxes. Didn’t think I could manage “kids stuff” but am pleasantly surprised by how much fun I’ve had so far! It’s also great to be exposed to the process of trying to get a book published.


A little (big!) announcement!

Earlier this year I was approached by a good friend of mine, Dr. Jason Hickel, a postdoctoral fellow at the London School of Economics, who asked if I would be interested in providing illustrations for a chapter in his newest book “Democracy as Death – The Moral Order of Anti-Liberal Politics in South Africa”.

I was honoured by the fact that he had chosen me for the task, but anxious by the massive responsibility.  Could I deliver? Was I good enough?

With Jason’s kind support and belief in me, I created 3 illustrations that I am truly proud of and which appear in one of the chapters of the book.

Today marks the day that Dr. Hickel’s book is headed to press and will soon be available for worldwide purchase.

I simply cannot wait for the moment where I can finally hold it in my hands. I am immensely proud of my friend for producing such important work and I am beaming with joy at the thought that I am now a published illustrator (rookie albeit, but published nonetheless!).

Here is the link to the book. I will share the illustrations with you once I have the book in hand. The cover illustration I am sharing here is from a poignant picture the author took in South Africa.

©Jason Hickel 2014
©Jason Hickel 2014