New Collections!

To add some colour to your day, head to to check out two new collections inspired by my travels to India and Japan. Here is a sneak preview of what you’ll find…

India collage



Double-exposure in B&W

A friend challenged me to post some B&W pictures each day on FB for 5 days. It’s a fun way to explore older pictures in a new light.

Here are two I’ve recently created:

les poules with name

nous deux with name

Hello Monday!

This Monday feels great. I’ve settled in nicely in my new little studio in the corner of the living room which we set up this weekend – it has loads of space to create as well as to work on the various other projects I have in store.

We walk 2 lively border collies several times a day, so I guess animals are on my mind a lot – hence these recent projects. And with the approaching Halloween, why not throw in there the now-famous cat skull… this one created with the help of a very promising young artist, Fin.

I wish you all a great week!

Skull double exp with name

goat with name


Playing with double exposure

I’ve been really enjoying exploring different artist’s works here on WP and also on various FB pages of people at different stages of their artistic process.

To say that I am in a spurt of creativity would be an understatement. I feel it’s exploding out of me!

Also, seeing all of you visiting this page has been such a lovely addition to this moment of creative outburst. So thank you again for your visits and also for all the interest I’ve received about the work for sale on my website!

Here is a double exposure ode to the garden, which is also exploding with life on these hot summer-like days in Le Gers. Have a lovely Friday everyone!

double exposure with name