The dancer

Feeling great now that we’ve settled-in a bit more in our new home.

Digital creative print from a photo taken at cousin’s wedding. 2015.

Pixlr1 signed


The Dark Eagle

As I am working on a large-scale eagle painting, I am exploring its shape and movement in different media. Here is one such exploration.

Wishing you all a good week!

eagle B&W with name

I’ve discovered the Kaleidoscope!

I have an insatiable need to find new ways to create these days. To my joy, I’ve discovered the Kaleidoscope all its possibilities. Hope you enjoy it!

Taj & stars - kalei

Rox funky with frame


flower with frame

flower B&W

A Monday full of colour

My office today is among the majestic Russian Sage (Perovskia Atriplicifolia) which I am trimming back for the winter. I’m trying to give all its little buzzing inhabitants a shake to warn them of the upcoming apocalypse… I think most of them made it out safely.

Kept the best bits of the plant for the house, as the smell – a mix of lavender and sage – is very sweet indeed.

By the way, if you enjoy my creations here on MAM and would like see one of them on your wall, have a look at my website where you can purchase prints! I would be most honoured if you chose one for your home! (I remove my name on the prints which I sell, so all you see is the undisturbed image).

Visit the site here!

Russian sage

brouette with name

The path

path2 avec nom

French sky

Sky Clouds w name