The dancer

Feeling great now that we’ve settled-in a bit more in our new home.

Digital creative print from a photo taken at cousin’s wedding. 2015.

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Spring is in the air

You can really feel change and transformation swirling all around. A beautiful time of the year where everything seems to awaken. Here in the South of France, the emergence of greens, yellows and purples is everywhere you look. Our weekly hikes in the countryside are warmed by a strengthening sun and accompanied by the ever increasing song of all sorts of creatures. Perhaps it’s no wonder that my latest creations are full of colours, twirls and life!

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Le Barbu

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tonight's sky




wow lady


“The March” has found its way home…

My most ambitious project to date, and a commissioned work, has recently been completed, shipped and received in its new home in India. Very proud of this colourful bunch with whom I spent quite a few hours! Here is “The March”!

P.S. Ever wanted to commission a work? Head on over to the contact page of my website and let’s chat about it! I’d love to work with you!

The march the march2 the march3

Nature’s colours

I love playing with nature’s colours.

On my long walk today, I remembered what my friend Melanie often told me on our Camino de Compostela last year – “You have already arrived”.

With that simple phrase, everything seems simple again.

path tree tree2