Young and Unafraid

The video below is by The Moth & the Flame.

It’s just an amazingly uplifting tune and video. If you watch one thing today, make it this. I promise: you will love it.


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3 thoughts on “Young and Unafraid”

  1. The video was tremendous! Im not going out to get a skateboard, but I will try to do something new and brave.

    1. Fantastic Anne!
      But when I was watching I kept on thinking: where are his wrist guards?… 🙂
      He’s such an amazing man. The video made me want to dance like no one’s watching!

  2. If you look carefully, he could also be a 20-year-old chain smoker with sun-damaged skin, no? (ah ah !) Just kidding; he seems like quite the grand-pa!

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