Spring is in the air!


CREATIVE PRINT - fire face

Springtime is a great opportunity to observe nature’s re-birth. Here in Austria, this process has been in full procession since our arrival. Buds are exploding, birds are ecstatic and we are feeling full of the energy that hours of sun and fresh country-side air bring.

Before we left France, I worked on the two photo creations above. Looking at them now, I chuckle thinking how representative they were of my mood – one of a desire for renewal, for change and daydreams of what may lay ahead.

Upper Austria, where we currently hang our hats, is full of artists, musicians and some eccentrics. Needless to say we’ve been made to feel right at home. People have been infinitely friendly and welcoming, they’ve been interested in our path and helpful. Even the language barrier does not seem to be a problem (as most can speak fluent English!).

As nature is catapulting into bloom and blossom, we are jumping straight into our new life, putting creation first but also taking time to explore this parcel of our beautiful earth.

Sunset in Passau, Germany. A beautiful city close-by.


Sunday afternoon walk in Neufelden, very near our new home. Everyone seems to work very hard during the week, taking time to do house improvements on Saturdays and then go fishing, horseback riding and walking on Sundays. A routine that suits us very well indeed. 



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