Au Revoir La France!

Dan and Ni France

Today is our last day in France. Tomorrow we embark on a 4 day road trip to Austria where we will remain until the summer. In the next four days we will explore the delicious French Riviera, nibble on a slice of Italy’s Genoa, savour the cool air of the Italian Alps and finally make our way to our new home near Linz.

“Home” has of course taken a new meaning for us in the past year and a half since we adopted the troubadour lifestyle. Home, for the time being, is a very transient place – it moves, shifts and follows our fancy.

We’ve been in the Gers region of France for almost seven months and remained quite stationary (a rarity since we started travelling!). Our main priority here was our art. Sure, we had other responsibilities, but the reason for our stay here was our art and that is a gift we allowed ourselves to enjoy. During this time, we’ve also learned more about the “machine” behind the promotion and marketing of art and music. A necessary and, dare I say, somewhat enjoyable facet of creation.

France has been very generous with us. The natural beauty of this place and the soft climate made it a perfect hiking and walking ally. The food, the wine, the armagnac and all the delicacies that this part of the world has to offer spoiled us immensely. Austria has strong competition!

Although the countryside is great for focussing on projects, it can be quite isolating at time as well. We once went for coffee in a typically French cafe in the nearest town 10 km away, all these old boys loudly chatting and greeting each other, and then us, smiling ear-to-ear, because this was literally the most social activity we’ve had in months!

Yet we still met some lovely people who showed us how the “Gersois” have a good time… and trust us, with all the booze that is made down here, there is a lot of fun to be had!

I would be sad to leave if I wasn’t accompanied by my best friend, if I didn’t have a million and one lovely memories of my time here, if I hadn’t progressed massively in my personal projects and if I wasn’t excited about the road ahead. It’s been good. We’re happy and ready for a new adventure. Now, let the road trip begin! Here is a preview:



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2 thoughts on “Au Revoir La France!”

  1. I love how dramatically you changed your life to pursue what you were made to do. I am getting ready to embark on a similar journey of introspection. Your art is really good!

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