Taj Monday

Since my trip to India the Taj Mahal has become a bit of a muse. I’ve created several images from the one I took in Agra on our trip there this winter.

Here is the Taj series with the latest creation at the top.

taj reflection taj with name Taj & stars - kalei IMG_2248_FUNKY to print

Red Taj


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7 thoughts on “Taj Monday”

    1. Thank you Sharon! It was one of my first PhotoShop projects with a good friend who is a graphic designer. It completely blew me away how much you could create on there. Now I work with the free program Pixlr.

  1. I use Photoshop with most of my work. If you have an iPad, you can download PS for $10. It is a very powerful program. Or you can get Photoshop Elements for an inexpensive price for computers. It looks like Pixle is doing a great job too

    1. Thanks Sharon! I will try it out for my iPad for sure! I love experimenting and am annoyed when I’m limited, but as you say, PS seems quite powerful indeed. I really like your creations, so I know it will be a useful tool 🙂
      Thanks for the advice!!

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