Double-exposure in B&W

A friend challenged me to post some B&W pictures each day on FB for 5 days. It’s a fun way to explore older pictures in a new light.

Here are two I’ve recently created:

les poules with name

nous deux with name


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3 thoughts on “Double-exposure in B&W”

  1. Hi Anita – both of these images are interesting. The chickens look as though they are having a deep discussion. The couple picture looks as though it was painted. Love your creative ideas. 🍃

    1. Thank you Sharon! The chickens were both a bit ticked off with me as I sprayed their coop with anti-vermine powder… perhaps they were plotting an escape after that offence! 🙂
      The couple is a shadow of my hubby and I on a white-washed wall, which I think is what gives it the finishing effect akin to a painting. I’m really enjoying this double-exposure challenge in B&W! Thank you for visiting! x

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