The field

It’s been such a productive week for us here in South of France – both in the garden and with our artistic pursuits. I’m fascinated by how nature and art seem to intertwine and how our creativity tends to effervesce when we spend time among the leaves and the ground.

The surroundings here are truly majestic and the light is warm, full and generous. This reminded me of some of the beautiful sunrises I experienced earlier this season in the South of England.

Here is a foggy morning in the South of England.

Photos taken in September.


field 2



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2 thoughts on “The field”

    1. Thank you Sharon! They were not easy to approach, they’d walk further away each time I took a few steps, but slowly, they seemed to relax and just stayed put, some of them lifting their heads as if to say: we’re tolerating you for the moment… just this once 😉

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