Best part of a French market?

…the quintessential French wicker basket!

Made locally by an artisan with whom I spoke at length about the disappearing art of wicker weaving. It takes about 4 hours for the artisan to make a basket like this one which costs about €35 (…a bit less when you actually stop and chat with them!).

Markets regorge with their Moroccan Souk counterparts (more flexible baskets with leather handles), which are imported and are sold for a lower price… but I preferred this sturdy shopping companion who, I am sure, will last me a lifetime (I was told +25 years!)…



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4 thoughts on “Best part of a French market?”

  1. Ici c’est l’Action de Grâces… Nous aurons une pensée pour remercier la terre pour ce qu’elle ns donne, et que ns devons la protéger.
    Ce que tu vis dans le moment nous fait penser à une chanson de Sylvain Lelièvre (Les choses inutiles)…en voici un extrait:
    «Tous ces petits riens
    Qui nous rendent la vie moins futile»
    Estelle et Yves

    1. Thank you Liza! I feel for it as soon as I saw it 🙂
      No more plastic waste too!
      But the good news is that it seems like most farmers use fully biodegradable bags anyway… a relief!

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