“The Old New”

One subject which occupies a considerable time of my thoughts is how much “new” is constantly produced, when in reality, we very often have or could find what we need from existing sources.

I often wonder how many years it would take to run out of it all if all production of “replacement products” would stop. I am talking about clothes, cars, skis, bags, furniture, appliances, etc… A wild guess is that it would take a very long time indeed. A second guess is that the more we do without the new, the better we get acquainted with what may be a little more important, like the value of taking care of what we have, the joy of making our own and the respect of the people who take time to produce things for us to enjoy.

When I spent a month in Bavaria last year in a remote village I only made 2 purchases. It was interesting to realise how little we actually need when we have to be resourceful and how liberating it feels to not feel pulled toward consumerism. I write “pulled” as I think that all too often we are only responding to a game of attraction to futility that is at play around us, one which is very subtle but quite strong. How many times have we all felt that we “just have to have” that thing…

It is therefore in the spirit of “The Old New” that I purchased a very loved and especially very old non-motorised Singer sewing machine! This summer, with the helping hand of my dear friend Melanie, I re-discovered the joys of sewing and what better way to continue exploring this creative outlet than with a sewing machine that has already lived so many lives? And at a bargain €30, I couldn’t have asked for more!

Here she is, in all her vintage splendour! And yes, she works perfectly!





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7 thoughts on ““The Old New””

    1. I know… my father used to use it in communist Poland in the 80ies! I still remember its gentle hum. Ancient indeed, but works perfectly! Mint condition! We couldn’t say as much for the planned obsolescence at play all around us now! Thanks for visiting!

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