A taste of English country life

I am spending some time in a quiet and secluded home in the English country-side, house-sitting and taking care of two chickens.

The air is clean, the nights are quiet and nature is all around. My daily routine revolves around the needs of the animals and the veggies and fruit which need to be watered, trimmed, picked and yes, eaten.

Here is a little glimpse at my September heaven.

The owner’s dogs, which are now in kennels.
Couldn’t have asked for a better way to start September!
Part of my tasks – keeping this chirping lot happy and fed.
Morning walks in the fog offer splendid views.
A friend generously lent me a kick-ass camera which I am delighted to play around with!
This is where the magic happens. I get 1 or 2 eggs each day.
These ladies were a bit scared of me at first. A couple of days in and they were approaching me like old friends.
They are still warm to the touch when I pick them up.
A green-house filled with delicious and organic produce.
Bon appétit everyone and have a lovely weekend!

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