Relaxing as the UK chills

Beautiful and oh so warm Seville seems like a memory of the past now that the UK is under a premature blanket of chill…

But there is a lot to enjoy here in Old Blighty despite the cold, as we prepare and organise for the next move. Taking the time to just appreciate all the blessings of the past year, while getting excited about what is yet to come!

We keep some very lovely memories of our time in Seville and what a lovely group of people we had the opportunity to meet! 



We had such a great time… Here doing what we do best – stuff our faces with some delicious tapas.



Back at home and back at work with several projects under way. 



And chillier days call for some comfort food… It’s a Marmite day!





Some garden colours after the rain. 



And garden wildlife, curious and hungry. City foxes are to the UK what raccoons are to Canada. Lovely to watch on a quiet afternoon. 




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