Hasta luego Sevilla!

The last time I found myself in the heat of the Spanish summer was at the end of a very long walk last September The Camino de Santiago. It was good to be back.

The sun, blue skies, smiling faces, delicious food and great wine (and of course the necessary siestas!) were all good reminders why I really love this country.

We were there to witness the union of two friends; with Dan playing some music and myself taking some photos.

Rarely have we seen a more gorgeous setting than this typical Spanish Hacienda. Our friends put so much heart and dedication into this wedding celebration that everyone truly felt part of something really special.

There were so many beautiful picture opportunities that I didn’t know where to point my camera! As for the wedding photography, I will need some practice not to let my eyes fill up with tears! Such a privilege to be able to help capture the most special of days…

Here are a few pictures from our stay.

A flamenco show that left us all breathless (and we weren’t even the ones doing the twirling!)




The celebrations took place during the massive super-moon that adorned Andalusia’s beautiful skies. Here it is from the hacienda’s rooftop, but with a touch of my own creative input.



The main focus though was on the bride and groom, who were simply radiant. A true privilege to have been there!



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