Unearth a little treasure today

When I lived in Italy as a child, we played this game which I adored. It consisted of finding a large piece of broken glass, cleaning it, digging a little hole in the earth, finding some treasure-like items to put in the hole including flowers to add a bit of oomph to it and finally burying it. Each one of us would put a “mark” such as a special rock or twig on our hidden treasure and we would come back later in the day and in the days that followed to unearth our creation. What an amazing feeling it was to slowly scrape off the moist earth from the shiny glass and see it again – just as we had left it. Today, I decided to delve back into childhood and bury a treasure in the garden. I gave some clues to Dan later in the day so that he could find it… I think he enjoyed the treasure hunt as much as I did…


A piece of glass or plastic will do. DSCF6189Dig a little hole. DSCF6192 Gather your treasure; the more colourful, the better. DSCF6194Put the glass or plastic on securely. The fit has to be just right, so that the earth doesn’t just pile-in the sides. 
DSCF6197 Bury thoroughly.  DSCF6198 Make sure to mark it.DSCF6199 There it is… the little blossom deep beneath the moist earth. DSCF6200   DSCF6201   DSCF6202   DSCF6204


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