How to achieve success in Three Easy Steps

If only it were that simple, right!?

But as we know all too well, it’s a little more complicated than this… Often the road is long, filled with uncertainties and yes, the occasional frustration.

Like everyone, I want to be successful and accomplish what I set out to do! Yes it goes without saying that my current process of turning my passions into a new 9to5 is not without its challenges…

However, in the past few years, I’ve come to re-define what success means to me, trying to focus my energies more on the process and less on the outcome.

I’ve also surrounded myself with literature (books, blogs, news, etc) that reinforce positive ideas about the self and the power we each hold to make things happen. If you are currently looking for a change, I encourage you to do the same, because on the days when your own little internal voice has lost her encouraging strength, you can rely on countless others who will lift you up and help you continue.

A speech by American Coach John Wooden on the subject of success inspired me so very much that I feel I must share it with you as well.

In it, Mr Wooden quotes his father as saying:

“Never try to be better than anyone else,

Always learn from others

And never cease to be the best that you can be”.

I try to refrain from looking at other artists’ careers with a sigh of resignation. Instead, I look at it through the lens of “what do I like about this and why” and then learn from it… also remembering that success also comes in stages and we often compare ourselves to the masters!

Coach Wooden continues by saying that we can achieve Peace of Mind by being satisfied in knowing that we made the best effort in what we are capable of.

And his three simple rules to success are (you can hear the coach speaking!):

1. Never be late and always finish on time,

2. Be neat and clean,

3. Not one word of profanity and never criticise your teammates.

One last word of advice: Believe that things will happen as they should, providing we do what we should.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!


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5 thoughts on “How to achieve success in Three Easy Steps”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head with your idea of focussing on the process – true success is how you go about it, not the end result. People spend a lifetime working towards ‘success’ while hating every step of the way.

    1. Thank you for reading Diana! I’m happy you enjoy the blog. It’s such a pleasure for me to share ideas and pics, but it’s always great to get the feedback too!
      Hope all is well on your end in Argentina!
      Anita x

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