London calling!

It’s great to be back in busy and bustling London-town.

Hope you enjoyed the last post on Germany which you can find here:

I realise that you may have received an email about it before it was ready to be published.

After living out of a very small backpack for a month, it felt great to have a bit of luxury!

So here I am, taking a little pause before releasing the travel bug once more.

But of course, negotiating the chaotic streets of this megalopolis is an adventure in itself!

Since I always have my faithful companion Fujifilm with me, I shall share some of what I encounter here with you.

DSCF8056 DSCF8067 DSCF8068


…a bit blurry on the pigeon, but I like this pic nonetheless.



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4 thoughts on “London calling!”

    1. Oh yes!
      Head to Oxford street for a zoo full of beauty, lights and hurried chaos. Venture to the Christmas Market for a sizzling and a vibrant atmosphere. Wander in the early hours to Hyde Park for a foggy and enchanting cold calm.
      It truly is lovely when you look close enough!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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