We made it!

Yesterday afternoon, as the Cathedral bells rang twice, we reached our destination.
Our eyes filled with tears and our bodies were weighed down by exhaustion. We stared at the majestic structure.

35 days of walking, over 700 km covered, 6 weeks in Spain… What an adventure!

Now we’re simply enjoying the transition and tomorrow we head out to Finisterre before starting a new chapter.

Here is a quick glimpse of our arrival in Santiago. More to come shortly!





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6 thoughts on “We made it!”

  1. Bravo les filles!! Vous avez réussi! Prenez le temps de bien récupérer et profitez du reste de votre séjour en Espagne!
    P.S.: J’ai hâte d’entendre le compte-rendu de vos péripéties, bien que le blogue d’Anita était très intéressant et très bien illustré!

  2. Congratulations girls!! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing journey. Can’t wait for the next adventure 😉 Enjoy your well-deserved rest xxx

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