Let’s meet …Akim

As I left my Indonesian Batik painting class this afternoon, a soft and misty rain started to soak Ubud’s busy streets. This wet background seemed to give the town an even prettier look, with contrasting colours now glistening vividly.

A little tired and nursing a cold, all I really wanted was a bowl of steamy homemade soup. And what a chance that I stumbled upon Akim and his little street-side soup stall!

He was all smiles and gently invited me to sample some of this delicious clear noodle and veggie soup. It was just what I needed! Although from Java, Akim had come to Ubud as the business was good.

He poured me a hefty portion, added little meat balls, veggies and lots of spices. The rain was getting heavier and eating the soup as some locals did, by sitting on the sidewalk, would not work. But a group of women who had gathered on the other side of the street to chat and gossip started gesturing to me and telling me in a few words of English that I could sit on their little shop front to have my meal.

And it is there, bowl on my knees, that I savoured the soup and the moment.



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