With the sunset comes the feast


Today Catherine left the island to pursue her travels before returning to home.

My heart tightened quite a bit as the tiny local boat took her away. I was grateful for the time we’ve had together- for all the chats and laughs we’ve enjoyed, but a huge part of me just didn’t want it to end.

Having lived away from my hometown for a number of years, I can count on two hands the times I have been able to spend quality moments with some of my closest friends, so they are very precious indeed.

Gili Meno is a tiny little place filled with seekers of silence and sun. I feel so lucky to have been able to spend these magical first few days in such wonderful company. It bodes well for the beginning of this new adventure.

I am in my usual spot, shielded by the sun in the thatched roof shelter, sipping coconut juice and slowly deciding whether to read, paint, swim or draw. It feels indulgent not to have to attend to anything more urgent than re-applying sunscreen… but any such guilt is swiftly replaced by the pure joy of just being here.

It’s Ramadan and Indonesia is currently fasting. Kim who works here explains that serving food and drink all day is an exercise in patience and appreciation of the feast to come once the hot sun has finally set. Periodically during the day and in the evening loud calls for prayer can be heard from the loudspeakers some distance away. Beautiful sounds that transform this paradise into a warm bed of spirituality.

I can’t help to think that my own frequent separations from friends and family increase the genuine gratitude I feel for having them around when I do. And having shared this little piece of paradise with Catherine was a true feast of which I savoured every last bite. À la prochaine mon amie!

I’m now heading to another little island nearby for a week of yoga and meditation.



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One thought on “With the sunset comes the feast”

  1. So did I, my dear friend ; ) Ce moment avec toi, dans un endroit si magnifique est reçu comme un réel cadeau de la vie et constitue maintenant l’un de mes refuges mentaux préférés ; j’y pense et me sens soudainement immunisée contre le malheur ; ) Et oui, quel exercice de laisser-aller ce fut de te voir devenir toute petite sur la plage, du bateau dans lequel je me trouvais…

    Te lire ce matin m’évoque tout autant de reconnaissance et la journée démarre le sourire aux lèvres, le coeur tout léger en pensant à toi, sur une petite île paradisiaque de la Mer de Bali… Inhale, exhale… Je t’aime et te souhaite des derniers moments indonésiens tout aussi magiques que ceux connus avec toi… xxxx

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