All the hues of the sea


Today, I took out my mini watercolour set and sat down to paint.

The warm breeze as background music softly swept by me. The sea, multi-hued, a treat to contemplate from our little thatched roof sitting area.

My friend and I are on a tiny island off of Lombok, Indonesia. So tiny that all transport is done on foot, by bicycle or on a horse-drawn cart. The silence only broken by the waves, some local vibes and the screaming insects. The food, an absolute delight full of coconut, peanut sauce, fresh fish and vegetables. The sun, almost unbearably hot, but I would never dare to complain – this is as close to perfection as I could have imagined.

It took a little bit of time to just sit back and relax, not to think about where I had put the key, if I have any clean clothes left, when to settle the dinner bill, if I should have taken the malaria pills, etc. But I think I am on my way. In any case, the local crew will surely keep me in check in the chill department.

Thailand is often referred to as the land of smiles. I’ve been there and can confirm the fact that they are indeed very lovely people. But I must say that the Indonesians that I have met so far seem to live in a land of absolute happiness and enchantment. I don’t think I’ve ever come across so many genuinely jovial people.  They go about their business in a slow and relaxed manner and seem to enjoy themselves whatever they are doing. In the evenings, they lounge around in these little thatched shelters; talking, singing, playing instruments. At least this is the case on our little stretch of the beach on our little island.

As I was painting, one friendly staff member approached me wishing to see what I was up to. He said that what was important at this very moment was to sit back, let the various hues of the sea come my way, letting them join together with me and to allow my hand to paint whatever it was telling me to paint. He made a gesture of two things joining as one and smiled.

Looking at the breaking waves, the clear sky and peaceful rocking boats on the water, I can see why someone would advocate becoming one with it all. Now let me become one with the sea!



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2 thoughts on “All the hues of the sea”

  1. a beautifully captured moment. your writing is lovely.

    and, of course, we’re so happy to hear you are enjoying yourself.

    love, alex and paul xx

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